posted on 2/25/2019

Easter Eggs of 99

Retro gaming and the 90s. Perfect ingredients for visual fireworks. As eyewitnesses and gaming connoisseurs, we have spared no effort to incorporate as many allusions and references into this video as possible .

Here we go (spoilers ahead)!

We start right at the beginning. The intro sequence is based on start screens of various classic games. Mega Man is just one example of many.

Easter Eggs of 99 Blogpost allerzeiten 01

Intro Megaman vs. 99

Before the action begins, we take the opportunity to have a short look at our heroes: Max Power and Captain Laser. Max wears a appropriate Nirvana shirt and is equipped with a Nintendo Powerglove – object of desire for many retro gamers. His Sidekick Cpt. Laser is clad in the finest synthetic Gameboy fiber and fights with a blaster inspired by Earthworm Jim’s.

Easter Eggs of 99 Blogpost allerzeiten 02

We start in a Super-Marioesque-Sidescroller world with lots of mushrooms. For the fall we were again inspired by Megaman. The landing is classic Superhero Landing.

Easter Eggs of 99 Blogpost allerzeiten 03

Sidescroller Mario vs. 99

Landing Mega Man

After the first opponents are defeated, our heroes meet... Well, who recognized them? Vincent Vega and Jules Winnfield from Pulp Fiction! Including the mysterious suitcase – and we even know what’s inside. Ha!

Easter Eggs of 99 Blogpost allerzeiten 05

Pulp Fiction Vince&Jules vs. 99

Yes, this is a hoverboard. Not such a newfangled thing, but of course one from Back to the Future II.

Easter Eggs of 99 Blogpost allerzeiten 06

If you don’t look very closely, you might miss the Ewok in the bushes in the next screen very easily, but somewhere we had to place Star Wars. Captain Laser’s bike is a tribute to the Light Cycle from Tron.

Easter Eggs of 99 Blogpost allerzeiten 07

Ewok! Star Wars & Tron vs. 99

Looks like we found a Karpador... and the Titanic. And if you’re already in a classic underwater level (à la Rayman or Super Mario), Arielle of course can’t be missing ...or in our case perhaps the James Cameron version.

Easter Eggs of 99 Blogpost allerzeiten 08

Under the Sea Pokémon & Titanic vs. 99

Easter Eggs of 99 Blogpost allerzeiten 09

And now again take a closer look! Otherwise you’ll miss the barrel of grog. And what kind of quotation is that? He who has played Monkey Island knows.

Easter Eggs of 99 Blogpost allerzeiten 10

Harrharr! Monkey Island vs. 99

After Dr. Shadowcrab The Grim (allusion to the strange names in Diablo II) has been defeated, we take the elevator to the top. The ride is a direct reference to Mega Man II and takes our heroes to the second level.

Up Mega Man II vs. 99

The big city is extremely dangerous and threatening. We owe this to the henchmen of the biggest money house of the city. The corresponding logo can be found on various buildings and is – in our case – a Mashup from Deutsche Bank and Umbrella Corporation from Resident Evil.

Easter Eggs of 99 Blogpost allerzeiten 13

Mammon Deutsche Bank & Resident Evil vs. 99

With a courageous jump our two heroes leave the building and race sonic-style over the roofs of the city. In the background we see Godzilla, in the foreground the neon signs announce what we are supposed to do, just like in the film They Live. The many pigeons are furthermore an allusion to the visual language of John Woo. The tentacles should remind us of the iconic adventure game Day of the Tentacle.

Easter Eggs of 99 Blogpost allerzeiten 14

Supersonic They Live & Sonic the Hedgehog vs. 99

Support - however only the moral kind - is temporarily provided by Leeloo, who stops by in a taxi from The Fifth Element.

Easter Eggs of 99 Blogpost allerzeiten 15

Leeloo The Fifth Element vs. 99

After the fight against the CEO of the evil conglomerate, Mr McMammon, is over, he explodes into an epic plasma fountain. Streetfighter was the inspiration for the animation.

Fight! Ryu vs. 99

But of course our heroes are not satisfied before the whole city is destroyed. In Fight Club we saw something like this before.

Easter Eggs of 99 Blogpost allerzeiten 17

Shutdown Fight Club vs. 99

Immediately afterwards they use the nearby Tardis from Doctor Who to escape. But not in any way, but Matrix-style.

Easter Eggs of 99 Blogpost allerzeiten 18

Escape Matrix & Dr. Who vs. 99

Across a classic asteroid field with annoying pteranodons we fly to the end boss, an insane steampunk T-Rex, called Ragnarex, a word combination of Ragnarök and well just T-Rex. Of course, the original from Jurassic Park and the toy series Dino-Riders served as a model.

Easter Eggs of 99 Blogpost allerzeiten 19

Ragnarök Jurassic Park & Dino-Riders vs. 99

After our heroes have forcibly removed a crystal from his chest, we realize that it is the Black Soul Stone from Diablo. Somewhat hidden in the background the constellation Futura is glowing, like it is on the album of the same name by the band Luis Laserpower.

Easter Eggs of 99 Blogpost allerzeiten 20

Soul Diablo vs. 99

Easter Eggs of 99 Blogpost allerzeiten 21

And when all dangers are overcome, the great adventure comes to an end and you have flown through a long tunnel towards the light, you of course get to ... the Dude! Not just any dude, but the one from Big Lebowski. Portrayed according to his status in a bathrobe with his 3 insignia, White Russian, reefer and bowling ball.

Easter Eggs of 99 Blogpost allerzeiten 22

The Almighty Dude The Big Lebowski vs. 99

The band can now be seen in action, for the first time in the video by the way. And before the party comes to an end we can spot Leloo again in the foreground and a bit further aside Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid. As it happens, there has to be a snake in paradise, too.

Easter Eggs of 99 Blogpost allerzeiten 23

Snake Metal Gear Solid vs. 99

And we end grammatically correct with Easter Egg 44, a meme-like congratulation from the game Pro Wrestling. You deserve it if you made it this far. A WINNER IS YOU!

Easter Eggs of 99 Blogpost allerzeiten 24