posted on 1/21/2019

Till the end of time

What is the allerzeiten logo supposed to mean? A question that we are actually asked quite frequently. This is the explanation for all those who want the full story.

From the beginning we wanted something dynamic as a logo, so that you can recognize our motion focus in the logo. And of course it should also support the name allerzeiten (dt: ... of all times).

Because: time = movement.

The question we faced was, what should move?

At some point we came up with crystals because in them a chaos of atoms is arranged in a “highly ordered and beautiful crystal structure”. And, as Wikipedia so eloquently calls it, “provided with discrete symmetries”. If that isn’t a perfect analogy to the work of a designer!

Till the end of time Blogpost allerzeiten Logo 01

For the dynamics and the reference to the name, three crystals, analogous to the three hands of a clock, rotate around themselves, but additionally in 3D-space, like sun, earth and moon to each other. Yes... Not exactly self-explanatory, but that wasn’t the goal anyhow. Primarily it was meant to be visually interesting.

A regular and beautiful crystal structure

The three-dimensionality of the crystals can only be imagined in the finished logo. Because there is only one colour and no shading, the logo appears two-dimensional. However, it always consists of the filled-in outlines of the 3D shape.

Till the end of time Blogpost allerzeiten Logo 02

For those who want to dig even deeper: The fastest crystal (moon) is the second hand. It rotates around itself once a minute. At the same time it revolves around the second crystal (earth) – once a month. Just like the real moon to the earth. The Earth crystal rotates every minute and revolves once a year around the slowest crystal (sun). The solar crystal rotates completely once every 24 hours. In addition to that the entire construct rotates on an elliptical orbit (because of the precession of the Earth’s axis), so that only in about 25,800 years will a repeating image occur. And 25,800 years = all times (allerzeiten).

Till the end of time Blogpost allerzeiten Logo 03

If we don’t have much time, we sometimes just say “.. because it looks good”. That works fine, too.