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Bauer Grotesk 2.0

Five years after the initial release, our Bauer Grotesk typeface deserved an update. Besides some minor changes, the font family now supports Vietnamese, Greek and Cyrillic. That’s 53 new languages with a total of about 350 million speakers.

Bauer Grotesk 2.0, allerzeiten
Bauer Grotesk2 0 03

In the same way as for the original character set, we have provided a large number of alternative letters for the new language systems. These can be found in the existing Opentype features as well as in newly created Stylistic Sets. For example, there is an alternative for the Cyrillic Te or the Greek letters beta, theta and gamma.

Now all three language systems contain an M (or Em or em or Mu) with straight legs. A feature that has been requested a lot.

Bauer Grotesk 2.0, allerzeiten
Bauer Grotesk 2.0, allerzeiten

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