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allerzeiten  is a studio for design and motion.
We create identities, books, posters, typefaces, letterings, magazines, catalogues, websites, user interfaces and apps, produce movies, title-sequences, animations and motiongraphics. >more

German Wahnsinn

The re-design of German Wahnsinn’s identity was surely one of our favourite projects in 2015. We designed or overhauled everything from logo to website and seasoned it with a fair dash of madness.

> Website

Bauer Grotesk

FF Bauer Grotesk is a revival of the metal type “Friedrich Bauer Grotesk”, made between 1933 and 1934 in Hamburg Altona, Germany.

We found this gem in an old specimen book and thought it would be a shame not to revive it for the digital age. In the process we usually kept close to the original but polished it in a few places to fit the needs of contemporary typography.

> Find out more about the origin of FF Bauer Grotesk here

> You can also buy it. Right over here

Bauer Grotesk Video

To introduce our new typeface FF Bauer Grotesk we made this short video.
See for yourself...

Get to know more about this typeface here



Luis Laserpower's song “99” deals with friendship and coming of age in the 90s. So we happily went back to when everything was neon and games were insanely difficult, to conceptualize, illustrate and animate their official video. Some good memories went into the making of this. PRESS START and enjoy!



With a little design and lettering, we helped our favourite printer with his new promo material. He printed himself, of course, on finest Fedrigoni Materica.


Good Idea

The story of Harry, who overestimated the power of the stone some 100,000 years ago – although it seemed like a good idea at the time...

No one knows what really happened but we prepared three very possible scenarios.

Soundtrack-wise we were supported by German Wahnsinn, by the way.


Good Idea Prints

In the course of making the animated movie of the same name, we also drew some letterings. Obviously we couldn’t leave them unprinted and so a poster, a card and a business card came to life – letterpress, of course.



We planned, directed and produced the video “Dialektro” from the debut album of the same name by “De fofftig Penns”. The band asked us to make this not too serious, so we switched the real band with a fake boygroup, put in a few farmers plus livestock and mixed it all up with typographic mayhem. We hope, it is as much fun to watch, as it was fun to make. D I A L E K T R O !



Musicworks offers teambuilding-workshops that transform teams into rock­bands, within a few hours and without the necessity of previous musical experience. We work for them almost since their founding days and developed their visual identity, including website, stationery and press kit. For the website-transitions we filmed the musicians in action.




The Levato Antiqua was developed over a couple of years with the intention to create a classy yet dynamic typeface family for display usage. A bunch of alternate characters, swash variants, ligatures and smallcaps make the typeface a versatile choice for classic book-titles as well as lively magazine spreads. Levato features five weights plus matching italics and is available at Linotype.

> Linotype



The posters for the israeli designer David Tartakover were made for the ongoing lecture series Stil­­vorlagen at the HAW Hamburg. The typeface mimics the Hebrew alphabet and was designed specifically for the project. The posters were printed manually on a letter­­press machine.



We drew allmono in the course of creating our corporate identity and since then she is a loyal companion as our bespoke font. Noteworthy are some special characters like @ or & that have a two-character-width, for most of the time those characters look too squeezed in conventional monospace fonts.



At the moment we are working on the sturdy work­­horse-antiqua Faba, which originated in a diploma thesis and is meant for small to medium type sizes in books and magazines. The type family consists of 15 weights including two italic sets for different purposes.



We designed our identity around our home-made typeface and a logo that transforms into a new shape every second unto eternity, containing of three crystal­­shapes that turn like the hands of a clock and orbit each other each other like the sun, the moon and the earth. The Logo and the website are programmed in HTML5. Apart from that stamps and stationery are part of the total package, including hand-printed business cards.


Motion Reel 2015

Our current motion reel, vintage 2015. With an exquisite selection of our finest hitherto existing projects. For our musical gourmets laid on a bed of first-grade french synth-wave. Bon appétit!